Step 7 - Google Universal Analytics by Fooman Settings

If you’re using Google Universal Analytics, configure the settings in this section.

Enabled (v0.15+)

Set to “Yes” to enable Google Universal Analytics by Fooman.

Account Number (v0.15+)

Enter the Google Analytics Tracking ID of the account you want to connect.

Account Number (Alternative Profile) (v0.15+)

Leave this blank for standard set ups.

If you want to track an alternative profile, enter the account number (Google Analytics Tracking ID) here. You can also enter an alternative profile domain name (below).  More information about tracking to an alternative profile.

Important: Do not enter the same account number/Google Analytics Tracking ID that you have already entered under Account Number (above), or your data will be tracked twice.

Anonymise IP Address (v0.15+)

Set to “Yes” to anonymise visitors' IP addresses for privacy reasons.

Cookie Domain Name (v0.15+)

Leave this blank for standard set ups.

Use this setting if you want more control over subdomain tracking. Click here for more information in Google’s documentation. Eg. For the following sites, using would allow all 3 sites to be tracked to one profile:


Enable Display Advertising Features (v0.15+)

When set to “Yes”, the standard tracking script is replaced by Google's script to additionally support Display Advertising. For more information please read this. Enabling this allows you to use Demographic and Interests Reports in Google Analytics.

Display Advertising Features Cookie Name (v0.15+)

If you have enabled display advertising features, enter the cookie domain name. Refer to the description for “Cookie Domain Name” above.

Enable User ID Feature (v0.15+)

When set to “Yes”, the Magento customer ID (if a customer is logged in) will be sent to Google to track that user over time.

Debug (v0.16+)

If enabled, this will use the debug versions of the Google tracking scripts which will send detailed information to your browser's console.


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