Step 9 - Google Dynamic Remarketing by Fooman Settings

To set up Google dynamic remarketing, please refer Google’s documentation for instructions. In step 3, Adwords will create a remarketing tag for you. Copy the Conversion ID and Conversion Label for use in the fields below.

Enabled (v0.15+)

Set to “Yes” to enable the integration with Google Dynamic Remarketing.

Conversion ID (v0.15+)

Enter the remarketing conversion ID.

Conversion Label  (v0.15+)

Paste the remarketing conversion label.

Product ID in Merchants Feed (v0.15+)

Google needs to be able to match your products with the merchant feed you have set up in Google. By default, this uses the Entity ID in Magento.

You can change this if needed, but it must match the attribute you are using as Product ID in the Google Merchants Feed. 

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