6. Enforce Minimum Order Amount

Enforce a minimum order amount, by adding a surcharge to any order which does not reach the specified minimum order amount.

The minimum order surcharge amount is always:

Surcharge = Minimum Order Amount - Actual Order Amount

Important: This feature is incompatible with the standard Magento “Minimum Order Amount” feature. You should not use both features together.

Frontend Example

Minimum order amount of $100 enforced

Backend Settings

Enforce Minimum Amount (v1.0.0+)

When set to Yes, a minimum order surcharge will be enforced.

Minimum Order Amount (v1.0.0+)

Enter the minimum amount an order has to reach. The surcharge will be applied to any order below this amount.

Surcharge Description (v1.0.0+)

Enter the surcharge description that will be visible to the customer – eg. “Minimum Order Fee - $100”.

Apply Group Filter (v2.1.3+)

When set to Yes, you can choose to apply the surcharge only to particular customer groups. When set to No, the surcharge will be applied to all customer groups.

Only for Customer Groups (v2.0.5+)

If you have set “Apply Group Filter” (above) to Yes, use this setting to choose which customer groups the surcharge will apply to. Control-click to select as many customer types you wish to apply the surcharge to.


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