9. Country Fee

Add a surcharge or discount based on the country of origin of an order (based on either billing or shipping address). Two different country based surcharges from are available from v3.0+.

Frontend Example

$9.99 fee for orders outside of the European Union

Backend Settings

Enable Country Fee (v2.2.1+)

When set to Yes, a country fee will be enabled.

Based On (v2.2.1+)

Choose to apply the country fee based on either shipping address or billing address.

Countries (v2.2.1+)

Control-click to select as many countries you wish to apply the surcharge to.

Payment Surcharge Type (v2.2.1+)

Choose your preferred calculation model:

  • Fixed: The amount in the Fixed Transaction Cost field
  • Percent: The percentage in the Payment % field is added to the calculation base (refer to settings for “All Surcharges”)
  • Fixed + Percent: The sum of both the Fixed Transaction Cost and Payment Surcharge %
  • Fixed Minimum: The higher of either the Fixed Transaction Cost or Payment Surcharge %

Payment Surcharge % (v2.2.1+)

Enter the percentage that you wish to charge – eg. 5 (remember not to add the % symbol).

Fixed Transaction Cost (v2.2.1+)

Enter the fixed transaction cost you wish to charge - eg. 5 (remember not to add any currency symbols).

Surcharge Description (v2.2.1+)

Enter the surcharge description that will be visible to the customer – eg. “Surcharge for orders outside the EU”.

Apply Group Filter (v2.2.1+)

When set to Yes, you can choose to apply the surcharge only to particular customer groups. When set to No, the surcharge will be applied to all customer groups.

Only for Customer Groups (v2.2.1+)

If you have set “Apply Group Filter” (above) to Yes, use this setting to choose which customer groups the surcharge will apply to. Control-click to select as many customer types you wish to apply the surcharge to.


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