Reporting other issues/bugs

If you experience any issues/bugs with this extension that aren't covered in this troubleshooting section:

  1. Ensure you have read and followed all instructions and troubleshooting steps carefully
  2. Run the self test to diagnose basic issues (see related article below)
  3. Check that you can replicate the issue on Magento‚Äôs default theme (with no other extensions installed), to rule out any issues caused by extension/theme conflicts
  4. Clearly  state at which stage of the installation process you are running into trouble (the net tab of the  firebug  Firefox extension is generally helpful in finding out what is not loading correctly)
  5. If the issue persists, please feel free to report a bug on Github

We may contact you if we have an immediate fix or a workaround, but we can't always respond individually to every report that comes in.

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