Adjust the space and style between item rows

To adjust the space and style between item rows:

1.Open the items.phtml or items-alt.phtml file (if alternative layout option is enabled) and search for the following code:

<?php $vertSpacing =
   '<tcpdf method="addHTMLVertSpace" params="'.$this->getPdf()->serializeTCPDFtagParameters(array(1, 3)).'"/>'

2. To increase the default spacing, edit either the 1 (refers to the number of empty lines added between items) or the 3 (refers to the amount of extra white space in mm added above and below each item)

3. To decrease default spacing, replace the code in 1) above with <?php $vertSpacing = '' ?> (more condensed spacing than default)

4. To edit the styling of the line, delete <?php $lineStyleOverride = false ?>

5. Replace with your own specifications in the style of the following code:

<?php $lineStyleOverride = array(
   'style_first'=> 'border-top:1px solid red;',
   'style_last'=> 'border-bottom:1px solid red;',
) ?>

Note that 'horiz_whitespace' only applies to column: “Product Name with extra white space”.

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