Step 5 – Confirm Set Up via Manual Export

To confirm that transactions are being exported to Xero according to your intended settings set up in step 3 and step 4, we strongly recommend manually exporting a handful of representative orders and/or credit memos from Magento to Xero before setting up the automatic export process.

Note: The manual export function can also be used in other circumstances:

  • To manually export orders/credit memos from before the automatic export process was activated (it is also possible to use the “Start Date for Orders/Credit Memos” feature in step 6, which will achieve the same purpose).
  • To manually exclude orders/credit memos from the automatic export process.
  • Tick any checkboxes next to all orders/credit memos that you want to manually exclude, click “Never Export Selected” on the Action dropdown menu, then Submit.  


1. Go to the Fooman Connect > Xero – Orders tab (or to the Fooman Connect > Xero – Credit Memos tab if you also chose to manually export credit notes)

2. Tick any checkboxes next to all orders/credit memos that you want to manually export, and click “Export Selected” on the Action dropdown menu. If you want to export all orders/credit memos, click on “Process All Unexported Orders”/“Process All Unexported Credit Memos”.

3. Click Submit

Manual exports are processed straight away without delay, however keep in mind that attempting to process large volumes at once may cause time out errors. We recommend processing one page of orders/credit memos at a time to avoid any issues.

An error message when exporting indicates an issue during setup. If this occurs, click into the individual order to see a more detailed error message, then provide these details to us so we can help.

4. Go to the Xero website and review the exported orders/credit memos under Draft Invoices.

All orders/credit memos appear as individual line items with the product name. The tax rate and account codes are also automatically filled in for you. All that's left for you to do is approve and reconcile the invoice/credit memo.

Customer Records

During the export process, invoices/credit memos will be matched to existing customer records, and customer records will be automatically created for new customers with their address, phone number and email address.

Item Details (v1.4.0+)

During the export process, the Xero field “Items” will be automatically populated with the Magento sku. This allows you to run reports in Xero on sales by item.

You can view the overall item categories in Xero – go to Settings > General Settings > Inventory Items.

Xero allows a maximum of 30 characters in the “Item” field. If the Magento sku is longer that 30 characters, when exported to Xero it will be added to the invoice/credit memo description, but will not appear in the “Item” field.

5. Check that everything has been exported as expected, according to the settings chosen in step 3 and step 4. If you need to update any settings, do this now and then repeat this step to confirm the set up.   


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