Checking for extension conflicts

Checking for extension conflicts 

You can check for potential extension conflicts by downloading this file from the Firegento project

Save the file as firegento.php and upload it via FTP or SFTP to your Magento server. 

Opening the file in your browser as will advise you of any potential conflicts between extensions you have installed in your store. 

If there's a conflict, uninstall one of the competing extensions and contact the developers of both conflicting extensions to determine whether a workaround is available (note however that this is not always possible).

Why do extension conflicts occur? 

You can only replace each of the core classes of Magento’s architecture once with an extension. Therefore, when installing more than one extension, you create a potential conflict. The potential for conflict is higher when two or more extensions replace similar Magento behaviour functions - only one extension can be the ‘winner’ and the other extension won’t function as advertised. For further reading, check out this Magebase article.

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