Xero Oauth1.0 deprecation - Magento 1

As of December 2019 Xero deprecated the creation of applications that connect via the OAuth1.0 protocol. Existing applications have until March 2021 (extended to September 2021) to migrate from OAuth1.0 to using OAuth2.0. See Xero's blog post here for details.

Follow these instructions to update Xero and Fooman Connect to support Xero OAuth v2.0:

1. Find Out If You Are Still Using Xero OAuth v1

In your Magento 1 admin, head to System > Configuration > Fooman > Fooman Connect:

  • If you see settings for Private Key, Consumer Key and Consumer Secret, that means you're still using OAuth v1 and will need to update to v2.0
  • If this is not visible you are already on OAuth v2.0 and no further action is required.

2. Update to the Latest Version of Fooman Connect: Xero

Note: You will need to first confirm that you are in your free upgrade period and have access to the latest version of Fooman Connect: Xero. Subscription customers always have access to the latest version free of charge. If you have purchased the license more than 12 months ago, please email support@fooman.co.nz for a 50% off coupon code to gain access to further updates. 

We suggest first disabling the Automatic export option in Magento under Stores > Configuration > Fooman Connect > Xero - Automatic. 

Follow the same installation steps as the original installation available here making sure to overwrite the existing Fooman Connect: Xero files. 

3. Set Up Fooman Connect: Xero With Your New OAuth v2.0

Please follow the link below to complete set-up steps 1-6. Keep using all your existing settings you were using prior to moving to Xero OAuth v2.0. 

You need to re-do this set-up with the new OAuth v2.0, even though you've already set up the OAuth v1 connection earlier. Unfortunately Xero didn't provide an automated way to do this for Private Applications.

(Optional) You can delete the old application that you have set up on api.xero.com (it would mention OAuth 1.0a next to the name, please make sure that no other integration is using the same credentials prior to deletion).


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