Set up Email Attachments in the Magento backend

Click on System > Configuration > Sales Emails to get started. Individually configure every email type you see below with the pdf documents you want to automatically attach.

We indicate which features are available on which version of Fooman Email Attachments in the following way: (v1.0.0+).

Standard Magento Settings

The first six settings are standard Magento settings - configure these as per normal.

Be sure to enable automatic sales emails.

Attach Order/Invoice/Shipment/Credit Memo as Pdf (v0.5.0+)

When set to “Yes”, your order/invoice/shipment/credit memo pdf document will be automatically attached to the order/invoice/shipment/credit memo email.

Attach Terms and Conditions (v0.5.0+)

When set to “Yes”, your Terms and Conditions html and text files (from Sales > Terms and Conditions) will be automatically attached to the email.

If you also use Fooman Pdf Customiser, the Terms and Conditions will be installed as a pdf document instead.

Attach Pdf File (v0.9.0+)

Choose to upload any pdf document to automatically attach to the email – for example, your return policy, a coupon or voucher, your latest newsletter.

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