Set up Same Order Invoice Number in the Magento backend

Go to System > Configuration > Sales > Order Numbers to configure your chosen settings in Magento.

Choose a prefix for invoices (e.g. INV-), shipment (e.g. SHIP-) and credit memo (e.g. CREDIT-) numbers.

If you are using an older version of this extension, you'll also see an option under System > Configuration > Sales > Order Numbers > Prevent Duplicates. Set this to “Yes”.

This step is not needed for newer releases of this extension - this will happen automatically.

How to use Same Order Invoice Number

Once installed, all new invoices, shipments and credit memos will be automatically assigned the same number as the related order. For example, for order #1000, the associated invoice would be #1000, the shipment #1000, and the credit memo also #1000.

If there are multiple invoices, shipments and/or credit memos associated with the same order, duplicate separation will happen automatically. For example, the first invoice would be #1000, the second #1000-1, the third #1000-2, and so on.

Need more features?

If you want to fully customise Order, Invoice, Shipment and Credit Memo numbers, check out the Fooman Order Number Customiser extension. You can fully customise order, invoice, shipment and credit memo numbers using any combination of letters, numbers and dates. Set your own starting numbers, increments, lengths and more. 

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