Issues with Magento Workflow

If you see an error message related to the Magento workflow, the first thing to do is to confirm whether the error is being caused by an underlying issue with the standard workflow. If Magento's standard workflow is not functioning correctly, then this error will also be present when using Fooman Order Manager.

Troubleshooting steps: 

  1. Disable Fooman Order Manager by editing app/etc/modules/Fooman_OrderManager.xml to change true to false 
  2. Save and refresh the cache 
  3. Repeat the workflow action which is giving the error message to see if you get the same error message with Fooman Order Manager disabled 
  4. Re-enable Fooman Order Manager by changing app/etc/modules/Fooman_OrderManager.xml back to true. Save and cache refresh 

If you see the same error even with Fooman Order Manager disabled, this indicates a problem with the standard Magento workflow that will need to be resolved independently of Fooman Order Manager.

If you don't see the same error with Fooman Order Manager disabled, please contact us for help.

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