5. DPS PxPay by MageBase Settings

Click on System > Configuration > Sales > Payment Methods.

These settings apply if you want to use your PxPay account to accept payments in Magento.

Note: It's not possible to use PxPay's feature to retry a failed credit card entry - only the fail-proof notification from Payment Express is processed by the extension and the response from the client’s browser is ignored. The Payment Express transaction response is sent immediately when a credit card payment fails (even if a customer retries the payment). Currently there is no way to accurately distinguish between a real payment failure and a payment failure which might be rectified by the customer in the future.

Enabled (v1.0.0+)

Set to “Yes” to enable using your PxPay account to accept payments in Magento.

Use in Frontend Checkout (v1.1.0+)

Set to “Yes” to enable PxPay to be displayed as a payment method in the frontend checkout. If set to “No”, PxPay will not be shown to a customer in the frontend during checkout, but the payment method will be available to you in the backend (eg. for backend orders).

Title (v1.0.0+)

Enter the title of the payment option that will be displayed to the customer (eg. “Secure Credit Card Payment”).

PxPayUserID (v1.0.0+)

Enter your PxPay User ID (as supplied by Payment Express).

PxPayKey (v1.0.0+)

Enter your PxPay key (as supplied by Payment Express).

Payment Action (v1.0.0+)

Select a payment action when an order is placed:

  • Authorize  only (note: you will still need to complete the transaction at a later stage – see Using 'Authorise and Capture' for more details)
  • Purchase

Unpaid Order Status(v1.0.0+)

Select the status to assign to unpaid orders. All options with the status code [Pending Payment] under System > Configuration > Order Statuses will be included in the dropdown list.

New Order Status(v1.0.0+)

Select the status to assign to new orders. All options with the status code [Processing] under System > Configuration > Order Statuses will be included in the dropdown list.

Logos to Display (v1.0.0+)

Control-click to select which credit card logos you want to appear on the payment page at checkout. The Payment Express logo is always displayed by default.

Further customisations can be done by editing the template file


Payment from Applicable Countries (v1.0.0+)

Allow payment from:

  • All allowed countries (specified under System > Configuration > General)
  • Specific countries (specify below)

Payment from Specific Countries (v1.0.0+)

If you chose “specific countries” above, control-click to select all countries you wish to allow payments from.

Use Maxmind Fraud Detection (v1.0.0+)

Select “Yes” to enable Maxmind fraud detection when using PxPay as a payment method. You need to have a Maxmind account to use this feature.

Minimum Order Total (v1.0.0+)

Enter a minimum order total that must be reached for this payment method to be displayed at checkout. PxPay cannot be used with a minimum order value of 0.00 – the minimum value should be at least 0.01.  The amount will be in the store's base currency (don’t enter any currency symbols).

Maximum Order Total (v1.0.0+)

Enter a maximum order total that must not be exceeded for this payment method to be displayed at checkout. Do not enter any currency symbols (amount will be in the store's base currency).

Leave blank if you do not want to specify a maximum order total amount.

Sort Order (v1.0.0+)

This setting allows you to adjust the order of where different payment methods appear at checkout (where multiple methods are available). Payment methods will be ordered according to the assigned number - for example, enter 1 for the payment method you wish to appear first, 2 for the payment method you wish to appear next, and so on.

Emails to Send on Order (v1.0.0+)

Select which emails will be sent to the customer when an order is placed using this payment method.

Note: The master settings under System > Configuration > Sales > Sales Emails still apply and can override this setting. If you don’t want to send customer emails, turn this feature off under System > Configuration > Sales > Sales Emails (but make sure this setting is enabled if you do want to send emails!). 

Add Manual Payments to Footer Links (v1.0.0+)

When set to “Yes”, a “Pay Us” link will be added to your store's footer. Use this link to accept manual payments for money owed not related to orders for items in your store (eg. ad-hoc work). You need to refresh the Magento cache for this setting to take effect.

This links to a “Make a Payment” page, where the customer can enter their reference number and the amount to pay. You can also give customers the direct link to the page (with  pre-filled  reference number and payment amount) using the following format:


The customer will then be redirected to the Payment Express website to complete the payment. Once the payment has been made, they will be redirected back to your website to a “Payment Received” screen.

Manual payments you receive will be shown in Magento under Sales > DPS Manual Payments (only manual payments without an order affiliation will be listed on this page):

Send Manual Payment Received Email To (v1.0.0+)

Use this feature to automatically send a notification email if your store receives manual payments. The dropdown list is populated from your Magento contacts list.

Manual Payment Received Template (v1.0.0+)

Select a template for the 'Manual Payment Received' email. The default template is 'New Payment Received' - this can be edited under System > Transactional Emails.

Enable Logging/Debug (v1.0.0+)

If any issues are encountered with this extension or using Payment Express as a Magento payment method, set to “yes” to create additional logging information to help identify the issue:

  • Log files created under /var/log
  • Entries in the database table magebasedps_debug

Enable Functionality for Local Testing (v1.0.0+)

Set to “Yes” to treat a browser visit to the order success page as a replacement for the DPS fail-proof payment notification – use only during testing if not connected to the internet.

We recommend setting this to “No” in a live environment (if  customer  does not return to the checkout success page, Magento has no way of knowing if a payment has been successful). 


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