Step 5 - Google Analytics Plus by Fooman Settings

These settings affect Google Universal Analytics, and also Remarketing.

For a standard set-up, leave these at their default settings.

Convert Currency (v0.11.0+)

By default, Adwords conversions will be tracked in your store's base currency. Set to “Yes” to convert the amounts sent to Google Analytics to another currency (for tracking purposes only). Use this setting if your store sells in a different base currency to your Google Analytics account currency.

Currency (v0.11.0+)

If you have enabled the “Convert Currency” setting (above), choose a currency from the drop down list.

Category Tracking Attribute (v0.15+)

Google Analytics assigns all products a tracking category when tracking transactions.

If you don’t select a tracking attribute, then the first category name a product is in will be used (i.e. if the product has multiple categories, then the first category will be used).

If you want to override this, select a different product attribute to be used (for example, create your own custom product attribute called ‘Google Tracking Category’).


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