3. All Surcharges Settings

Go to System > Configuration > Fooman Surcharge.

Calculate Surcharge On (v2.0.7+)

Choose how your surcharges will be calculated. These settings apply to all surcharges.

Control-click to select the variables which you would like the surcharge or discount to be calculated on:

  • Subtotal: The order subtotal, excluding tax or shipping
  • Shipping: The total shipping cost, excluding any shipping tax
  • Subtotal Incl. Tax: The order subtotal, including tax but excluding shipping
  • Shipping Incl. Tax: The total shipping cost, including any shipping tax
  • Tax: The total tax amount on the order and shipping
  • Exclude discount: Exclude any discount from the calculation
  • Grand Total: The grand total (this option overrides all options above and cannot be selected together with these variables)

Display Surcharge in Payment Information Step (v3.0.13+)

When set to “Yes”, this setting will adjust the title of the payment method during checkout to indicate how much using the payment method would add to the order. Surcharge amounts will be calculated automatically. You can enter free text and use the following {} commands:

  • {TITLE} – enters the payment method title
  • {AMOUNT} – enters the surcharge amount (calculated automatically based on the payment method and order amount)
  • {DESCRIPTION} – enters the surcharge description that you set yourself in the below sections of this User Manual)

For example, using the commands


gives the following at checkout:


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