12. Surcharge on Products

Add a surcharge or discount based on product type – for example, add an item handling or packaging charge to particular products (where you do not want to apply a global surcharge or discount).

The surcharge can be applied on a per order, per product or per item level.

Frontend Example

$50 secure packaging fee for orders containing breakable items

Backend Settings

Enable Surcharge on Products (v2.3.1+)

When set to Yes, a product surcharge will be enabled.

Payment Surcharge Type (v2.3.1+)

Choose your preferred surcharge type. If you select “per order” and have set up multiple product surcharges, then only the highest surcharge will be applied.

Surcharge Description (v2.3.1+)

Enter the surcharge description that will be visible to the customer – eg. “Secure Packaging Fee - Breakable Item”. 

You also need to configure the surcharge individually for each product you wish to apply the surcharge to. Go to Catalog > Manage Products, and within the individual product select Prices.

Product Surcharge (v2.3.1+)

Enter the surcharge you wish to charge - eg. 50 (remember not to add any currency symbols). Only a fixed price surcharge is possible.

Note: The Exclude from Surcharge and No Surcharge On Order settings (both v3.0.10+) allow you to exclude individual products from having surcharges applied. Refer to All Surcharge Settings for details. 


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