Failed self-test result

If the self-test does not run successfully, Fooman Speedster cannot be enabled.

You will see an error message which tells you which verification and troubleshooting step/s failed.

The selt-test will show you which steps (1-4) were passed or failed. You must correct every error to pass all tests 1-4 before you are able to enable Fooman Speedster. 

Refer to the verification steps 1-4 (below) for directions on how to do this. If the self-test failed, you will see an error message which tells you which verification step(s) failed. Start the verification testing at this step.

The  self-test  will also highlight if you are running another extension which directly conflicts with Fooman Speedster. If a direct extension conflict is identified, you should either disable  Fooman   Speedster or  the other conflicting extension. For Jquery Base by  Mxperts  and Canonical URLs by Yoast, refer to the identified workarounds in the  Fooman  Support Centre.

HTTP Password Protection Issues with Self-Test

We’ve had an occasional report that the self-test can fail if you have HTTP password protection installed. Essentially the self-test tries to access your site as a client requesting the page. If you haven't made special provisions for the server itself to be excluded from your password challenge, it will not be able to access the self-test.

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