Step 4 - Verify URL Writing

To verify that the URL is being rewritten, visit http://YOURMAGENTOWEBSITE/skin/m/1232681243/skin/frontend/default/default/css/print.css (be sure to include your domain name in the URL)

This test should return the print.css file in a condensed form in your browser (the identical output from verification step 3).

If this test returns the expected result, URL rewriting is working correctly and you can move to the next verification test.

If this test does not return the expected result:

Apache Support

Ensure that your server supports Apache rewrite rules. Refer to the system requirements for installing Fooman Speedster.

Issues with the Rewrite Rule

Check that you have the correct file permissions for the skin/m/.htaccess file. Change your permission settings to allow the server to read and process the file. The easiest solution is to compare the permission settings to the .htaccess file in your main Magento folder, and make them the same.

Multi Store Setups

For multi store setups, refer to these instructions.


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