Step 5 - Verify Full Fooman Speedster Process

Step 5 can be performed manually via the version of the self-test accessed from System > Configuration > Fooman Extensions > Support. This self-test is available once the initial self-test has run successfully and the Fooman Speedster has been successfully enabled.

This step can also be performed manually. 

To verify the full Fooman Speedster process, visit http://YOURMAGENTOWEBSITE (be sure to include your domain in the URL) and view the HTML source of the page.

Copy and paste the link addresses for the CSS and/or Javascript files (found in between <head> and </head> within the HTML source) into your browser address bar. Do this for a minimum of one CSS file and one Javascript file.

This test should return the requested files in a condensed form in your browser.

If this test does not return the expected result:

Permission Settings

If you can’t see anything in between <head> and </head>, this usually signals a permission issue. Change permissions on /app/code/community/Fooman/Speedster and all containing files to enable the server to read the files. Most often permissions 755 or 775 will work.

Verify Fooman Speedster Output is Enabled

Check whether Fooman Speedster has been disabled under System > Configuration > Advanced. Check all three scopes: default, website and store. Refer to verification step 1.

Disable Magento Compilation Mode

If you currently have Magento's compilation mode enabled, disable the Fooman Speedster extension (see instructions below), then disable compilation mode. Reinstall Fooman Speedster with Magento's compilation mode disabled.


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