Invoice PDF Settings

Display Order ID in Header (v1.0.0+)

When set to Yes, the order ID number will be displayed in the header of the pdf.

Invoice Title (v1.0.0+)

Enter a title for the invoice pdf.

Tax Details (v1.0.0+)

Free text field – choose to include tax details (eg. tax number).

Customer Addresses (v1.0.0+)

Which addresses should appear on the pdf? Choose from shipping address, billing address or both. Note that downloadable product orders won't have a shipping address.

If the customer VAT number is entered during checkout, this will be shown as part of the billing address by default.

Swapping around the order of the billing and shipping addresses is possible – see this FAQ.

You can customise the customer address format by accessing System > Configuration > Customer Configuration > Address Templates > Pdf. The | character will be converted into a line break.

Display Delivery Date (v1.1.10+)

When set to Yes, the invoice date will be re-displayed as the delivery date. Use this setting for shipments to countries which require invoices to state a delivery date (such as Germany). 

Columns (v2.0.0+)

Control-click to select the columns you want to display in the pdf. Choose from:

  • Position (orders the products automatically by adding a number)
  • Product name
  • Product name with extra white space
  • SKU
  • Product + SKU (displays the product name and SKU, separated by a line break)
  • SKU barcode (displays the SKU as a barcode - if enabled, you also need to select a setting for “Barcode Type” in the Pdf Customiser by Fooman settings)
  • Product image
  • Price
  • Discount
  • Qty
  • Qty ordered
  • Qty back ordered
  • Qty detailed
  • Item status
  • Tax
  • Tax rate
  • Subtotal
  • Alternative subtotal
  • Row total
  • Custom columns 1-5 (must be enabled under ”Custom Attribute Column” (in the Pdf Customiser by Fooman settings)

There is no maximum number, but the more columns you select, the smaller they will become in order to fit on the same page.

Sort by Column (v2.3.0+)

Choose which column to sort items by (alphabetical/ascending order). The default setting retains current Magento settings.

Columns Advanced (v2.0.0+)

You can use this JSON encoded string to further customise the order and width of columns in the pdf. The order of the items determines the ordering of the columns and the numbers represent the relative width of each column:


Custom Text (v1.0.0+)

Add custom text to appear at the bottom of the pdf. Use free text, simple html or {{}} commands such as {{var order.customer_id}}. Refer to {{}} Commands for more information.

Use Integrated Labels (Base functionality v1.2.0.1+, Advanced functionality v2.4.2+)

Select “Yes” to use integrated labels. Each label measures 85mm x 54mm. Labels measure positioned 20mm from the side and 23mm from bottom.

Choose from the following standard labels:

  • Single – Shipping Address Label
  • Single – Billing Address Label
  • Double – Shipping and Billing Addresses
  • Double – Shipping and Return Addresses
  • Double – Shipping and Return Addresses with Image (image is taken from /media/pdf-printouts/print_label.gif)

The return address is the same as the store address.

From v2.4.2+, you can also select the following custom labels:

  • Custom Label Left Shipping Address
  • Custom Label Right Shipping Address
  • Custom Label Left Billing Address
  • Custom Label Right Billing Address

Customise the labels by adjusting the following template files to achieve your desired format: app/design/frontend/base/default/template/fooman/pdfcustomiser/label-left.phtml


When editing the files, it is also possible to remove the shipping/billing address to have a completely custom label.

Changing the position of the labels is also possible – see this FAQ

Display Document Barcode (v2.5.3+)

When set to “Yes”, the invoice number will be displayed as a barcode on the invoice pdf, in addition to being displayed as a number. 

Example Invoice PDF Document:


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