Updating Shipping/Tracking Information

Tracking Number and Carrier (v2.0.0+)

The shipping tracking number and shipping carrier (automatically imported from the order information) should be updated together.

1. Select the order/s, then select a shipping carrier from the  drop down  list and enter the shipping tracking number/s (if applicable, multiple tracking numbers associated with the same order may be entered if separated by a  semi colon , eg: 123456789; 135792468). Under "Actions", click "Ship Selected".

2. Under "Actions", click "Ship Selected".

3. A confirmation message will be displayed confirming the shipment was successful. Magento shipment tracks with the tracking number and carrier information have been created for each newly created shipment.

Shipping Address (v2.3.0+)

The shipping address is automatically imported from the order information (this cannot be edited from the Order Overview Screen).

Shipping Information (v2.3.0+)

Shipping information is automatically imported from the order information. When a tracking number is added to the order (see above), a new option called "Track Order" will be added to the shipping information column. When you click on "Track Order", a  pop up  box will be opened which displays the shipping carrier and tracking number. 

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