Step 3 - Set up an Adwords conversion goal


  • Once settings are configured, it can take Google up to 48 hours to show your data.
  • For instructions and troubleshooting advice on any standard element of Google Analytics, please refer to the Google User Guide (we don’t repeat these instructions here).

1. Log into your Google Adwords account. Under Tools and Analysis > Conversions, create a new conversion.

2. Enter a conversion name (eg. “Checkout Success”). Set the source as “Web page”. Save and continue.

3. Configure the settings shown below. Save and continue.

Conversion Category

Choose “Purchase/Sale”.

Markup Language

Choose “HTML” (default setting).

Conversion Value

Leave this blank.

Tracking Indicator

Choose a tracking preference.

Next Steps

Under “Who makes changed to the code on your website?”, select “I make changes to the code”.

Google will automatically generate a snippet of code which will appear in the box in this section. This code includes both a conversion ID (shown in the first white box directly after the text “conversion_id=”) and a conversion label (shown in the second white box directly after the text “conversion_label=”). Copy these without the quote marks.

Taken note of the conversion ID and conversion label, because you will need to enter these in your Magento backend settings in Step 6.

Click “Done”. It’s all set up! 


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