Set up Speedster in the Magento backend

Go to System > Configuration > Fooman Extensions > Fooman Speedster.


To enable Fooman Speedster, select “Yes”.

This will automatically run the Speedster self-test, which includes verification steps 1-4 outlined in the next section of this User Manual.

Fooman Speedster will only be enabled if the self-test runs successfully:

The self-test will highlight the most common issues that people have when configuring Fooman Speedster. It does not highlight all possible issues because it is not possible to fully automate this process.

Once you have enabled Fooman Speedster, proceed to verification steps 5-7 to complete these additional checks. Verification step 5 can be performed automatically via a further self-test (see next page), but steps 6 and 7 must be performed manually.

Other notes:

  • Make sure that /lib/minify/m.php is executable (permissions like 755 on the file itself and the containing folder should work) and /var/ minifycache  is writeable
  • Speedster has its own merging mechanism, please disable Magento's default Merging feature under System > Configuration > Developer > Javascript and CSS
  • Minifying Javascript and CSS takes a while to compute. This only needs to be done once per Javascript/CSS combination and is then written to a cache. To  prime  the cache for a faster customer experience, browse each page type (homepage, product page, etc) in your store once
  • Important: Don't disable the output of Fooman_Speedster under Configuration > Advanced - it will make your site unusable. To uninstall, either use Magento  Connect or  edit /app/etc/modules/Fooman_Speedster.xml (change true to false)

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