1. Set up Surcharge in the Magento backend

Click on System > Configuration > Fooman Surcharge to get started.

We indicate which features are available on which version of Fooman Surcharge in the following way: (v1.0.0+).

Fooman Surcharge adds the following new setting groups to this section:

How to Enter Surcharge Amounts

All amounts can be entered as a positive amount (surcharge) or a negative amount (discount) – eg. 5 or -5

Amounts should be entered:

  • Without any symbols - eg. 5 not $5 or 5%
  • Using a full stop as a separator – eg. 5.50 not 5,50

All surcharges will be applied in the base currency of your store.

Customer Emails and Pdf Documents (v1.0.0+)

Surcharge details will be automatically added to customer emails and pdfs generated by Magento (including pdfs generated using Fooman Pdf Customiser).

Surcharge Sort Order in Checkout Total (v3.0.1+)

Under System > Configuration > Sales, you can change where the surcharge shows in the checkout totals sort order.


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